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Testimonials and Reviews

After receiving the CD of Guitar Pickin' Chicken®️, I immediately added it to my Novelty/Comedy records folder at www.nbrnonline.com. After watching both versions of the animated cartoon that includes the "Watch along cartoon version" as well as the "Sing along cartoon version," I immediately delivered it to my grandson who enjoyed it very much. A great song to use for a break in the normal radio programming.
Keith Bradford - Host of "Ya Gotta Luv It" radio show and podcast.
Guitar Pickin’ Chicken®️ by William Sherry Jr. is a standout. This hilarious little tune is reminiscent of the iconic Flying Purple People Eater track, but replace the Halloween sounds with a country guitar and the starring monster with a “wing flapping, tail shaking, guitar pickin’ chicken“. Quirky, twangy, and unabashedly fun, this track will have everyone laughing and singing along by the second chorus.
The Ark of Music
Ha! ha! One of the cutest country rockers I’ve listened to (yet) in 2021 is “ Guitar Pickin’ Chicken®️” from William Sherry, Jr . – an absolute hoot... you’ll all be laughing in a big way.
Gypsy Carns News